Meet the Board

Sandya Narayanswami
Sandya Narayanswami

Sandya Narayanswami, PhD., Chair

She is a scientist and owner of S. Narayanswami Consulting. Her clients include universities, private research institutes, and organizations focused on aerospace and spaceflight.
Sandya comes from a family with a history in aviation.  She holds a Private Pilot Certificate and is a member of the Aeronautical Association of the California Institute of Technology, aka the Caltech Flying Club. She is passionate about General Aviation, received an AOPA Flight Training Scholarship in 2017, and hopes that her example inspires women of all generations to reach for the skies!

Arlynn McMahon
Arlynn McMahon

Arlynn McMahon, Nominations Administrator
2009 National CFI of the Year

Arlynn had the same instructor from student thru ATP.

She soloed on her 16th birthday, received her private pilot on her 17th birthday and missed her ATP on her 23rd birthday because of inclement weather.  In 2006 she married her flight instructor.

Today she is Chief Instructor at Aero-Tech, Inc., in Lexington, KY.  With 10,000 hours dual given, she holds CFIA/I.ME.  She is author of Train Like You Fly, Scenario Based Training for Flight Instructors and Lessons Plans to Train Like You Fly, published by ASA.

Pam Shriver

Pam Shriver, Treasurer

Pam’s background includes being a CPA, Controller, & Interim CFO.

She helps small businesses keep their financial records tidy and up to date, which leads to informed and timely decision making.

Pam loves to travel and is in awe of all the individuals involved behind the scenes of air travel and their dedication to the daily implementation of aviation safety.

Mike Busch
Mike Busch

Mike Busch, PR/Communications
2008 National AMT of the Year

Mike is arguably the best-known A&P/IA in general aviation.

He writes monthly articles for EAA Sport Aviation, AOPA Opinion Leaders Blog, and numerous aviation type club magazines.

He co-founded AVweb in 1995 and served as its editor-in-chief for nearly eight years.

He is CFIA/I/ME, and an aircraft owner for 45 years with 7,500+ hours, and is a FAASTeam representative. He’s CEO of Savvy Aircraft Maintenance Management, Inc.

Paul New
Paul New

Paul New, Airventure Coordinator
2007 National AMT of the Year

Paul soloed the day after his sixteenth birthday and received his private when he was 17. Soon after graduating Southern Illinois University with a degree in Avionics Technology he started and managed the avionics department for a commuter airline.

Today he is owner and CEO of Tennessee Aircraft Services, Inc, in Jackson, TN. Paul also provides technical support for the Cessna Pilots Association and writes a monthly column for their magazine. He holds private pilot with an instrument and multi-engine ratings. He also holds an A&P with IA and has been an FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative