General Aviation Awards Nomination Application NEW! (MS Word Download)
We recommend that you download the Word document to your computer and use a recent version of Microsoft Word to fill the application.


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Honorees must be actively working, within the United States.  Honorees must hold current FAA airman certificates (if required) AND honorees must not have had an airman certificate suspended, revoked, subject to enforcement action during the preceding five years; or, have been convicted of a civil or criminal offense.  In addition:


  1. Aviation Technician (ATA) candidates may be either a maintenance technician working under FAR Part 65 and hold a current an FAA airman certificate or be an avionics technician working with a Part 145 Repair Station.
  2. Flight Instructor (CFI)candidates must be working under FAR Part 61, 141 or 142 and must hold a current an FAA airman certificate.
  3. FAASTeam Representative (REP) candidates must be actively involved in the FAA Safety Team.

Required Package Components

Submitted nominations become the property of the General Aviation Awards Program.  The nomination package must include the required items listed below.  Missing or illegible items may lead to disqualification. 

Name your upload file using your category (ATA, CFI, REP) plus your last name.  For instance (CFI, SMITH).  Then, upload all your information as one complete file so that nothing gets lost.

  1. Application Page 1 and, don’t forget to sign it!
  2. Application Page 2 (additional pages are allowed)

Optional Package Components

The required package components are the minimum.  However we encourage nominees to include enough information so that judges can get to know you and understand your projects.  In addition to the required components, your package may include any of the following.  Please, no cover sheets or excess bulk… make it complete, tell your story but be concise.  Judges like to see details. Feature your best work but don’t write a book.

  1. Up to three recommendation letters – No more than one page each.
    • One from a peer or co-worker
    • One from a client who is familiar with your work
    • One letter of recommendation from a supervisor (employer, FPM, Chief CFI or DPE, etc)
  2. Aviation oriented curriculum vitae (CV), no more than two pages.
  3. Supporting documents or examples for each major item listed on Application Page 2


If you don’t include these in your initial package, we will request the following should you make it all the way to national judging:

  1. Clear copies of a current U.S. government-issued photo-id
  2. Both sides of current FAA certificates/designations
  3. A photo taken within the past five years, in a professional aviation setting.


All nominations must be submitted online.

  • July 1 through November 30: Nominations Accepted.
  • 5PM, Eastern Standard Time, November 30: deadline for submitting nominations
  • December 1 through December 31: FAA District (FSDO) Judging
  • Jan 1: District Honorees Announced by General Aviation Awards Committee
  • Jan 2 through January 16: FAA Selects National Finalists
  • January 17:  National Finalists Announced by General Aviation Awards Committee
  • Jan 17 through January 31: National Judging by industry
  • February 1: National Honorees Announced by General Aviation Awards Committee